Tooble build 108

Tooble build 108 (2008-06-05)
Bill Piedra, Jesse T Youngblood, Alex Catullo, Forest Fang, Praveen Savalgi, Steve Abbagnaro
Gridlock LLC

YouTube 비디오를 검색하고 다운로드 할 수 있는 유틸리티.

iPod용으로 인코딩 후 iTunes에 자동으로 등록할 수도 있다.

무료 · Mac+Windows · download

3개의 답글 to “Tooble build 108”

  1. jilliana Says:

    Hi! Thanks for your genius! I was using Tooble frequently, downloading YouTube videos, when suddenly it’s stopped working for me! I continually receive an error message now from YouTube saying “file does not exist” on anything I try to download with Tooble! I’m hoping you can help please! Perhaps send me a link to the latest version!? Or, has YouTube suddenly put a stop to it?! Thanks! Jilliana

  2. jilliana Says:

    Hi again, I just reread my email to you and there is an error. YouTube doesn’t send me an error message, Tooble does! It keeps saying, “file does not exist” on everything I try downloading. Just wanted to clarify the problem. Thanks. Jilliana

  3. jilliana Says:

    This current link is not downloadable for me–I have a macbook pro (2008) and when I try to download tooble (above) it remains paused forever! HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!

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